Know More About Raja Peary Mohan College

Raja Peary Mohan College has long been renowned as one of the most sought after educational institutions in India. It provides a complete academic education right from nursery education to masters in education. It also provides specialty courses in business, law, engineering, healthcare and other fields. The college has campuses in several places across India and students from all over the country to attend these colleges to get an education. It caters to the needs of parents who want their children to get a quality education so that they can get good jobs in the future.

Raja Peary Mohan College was started in 1872 by Dr. Subhas Chandra Bose. It is located in the city of Kolkata in West Bengal state. It is one of the oldest colleges in the state and offers excellent education right from nursery education to higher level courses. There are various branches of study available at Raja Peary Mohan College. It offers degree courses in art, business, science, education and medicine. Apart from that it offers degrees in general education, journalism training, languages, education, healthcare, architecture, merchandising, communication, administration, typing and office skills, photography and visual art, computer applications and many more.

The curriculum of Raja Peary Mohan College has various branches including childcare and education, management, marketing, business, economics, health care and others. The school offers a number of facilities for children. Wide range of child care facilities is available for the children. During summer vacations, it offers fun-based activities for the children to enhance their interest and enthusiasm. Various clubs and societies are present in the campus of the school that offers mutual support and help for students.

Enrollments in Raja Peary Mohan College

Enrollments in Raja Peary Mohan College are done on merit-based selection Criteria. Merit-based enrollment process is done after the selection process. Selection Criteria are based on academic, physical, emotional and personality characteristics. Academic selection criteria comprises course marking, scholastic results, graduation records, TOEFL scores, essay scores, letters of recommendations etc. The physical examination includes medical test, aptitude test, personality and intelligence tests. The essay and interview evaluation is also done on the basis of academic performance, scholastic results and past achievements.

The admission procedure of Raja Peary Mohan College has been made simple and easy by using the Internet. It does not use any paper qualifications. It accepts candidates, who may not have earned a degree or may not hold a degree, but have cleared all the basic levels. Candidates who do not possess English language skills are encouraged to apply with the help of an online English speaking consultant. Candidates who can speak and write in both English and Hindi are also given priority. After interview and selection criterion evaluation, the candidate get admission in Raja Peary Mohan College for a full time course.

Educational experiences and trainings through Raja Peary Mohan College

Students can earn credits for their previous educational experiences and trainings through Raja Peary Mohan College, by participating in their Vidyadha curriculum and classes. Students who have the ability to solve mathematical problems are also encouraged to apply for Vidyadha or merit list. Students who possess good communication skills and are good at writing are also given special attention in Raja Peary Mohan College. They can be awarded scholarships for their efforts and it is one of the most beneficial aspects of the college.